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Inside Ken Block’s Ultimate Home Garage

Lots of us have a vision for our perfect garage. For those who are anything like me, though, perhaps this vision gets a little bit carried away beyond reality. This might involve all sorts of space, different tools, and maybe even a collection of cars to go alongside it. As it turns out, though, most of us have to be rather conservative with our playspace. Obviously, money is a consideration and it’s not growing on trees for the vast majority of folks.

With a successful career like that of Ken Block’s, the multitalented entrepreneur and competitor has put together the financial backing to make quite the pad for himself. So, with somebody who is a gearhead for a living, how does that translate to his home garage space? On one hand, perhaps we could expect the biggest and most extravagant garage that Block could concoct. On the other hand, though, maybe he gets his fill of motorsports action at work, leaving his home space to be more personal.

As it turns out, taking a tour of his ultimate home garage is a little bit of a mix of both. The garage is certainly a space that dreams are made of. However, instead of focusing purely on motorsports, the area has a way of swinging in multiple different directions.

Included in the festivities are all sorts of organization, a couple of vehicles, and a decent space for his downhill mountain bikes. No matter what we were expecting, this video gives us the opportunity to actually take the real tour. It looks like Block really has it all figured out as to how he wants his own personal space organized. After checking this one out, be sure to tell us which elements of this garage are your absolute favorite. We know we have more than just a few.