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Inside Look at a Ferrari Factory, How the Legendary Supercars Are Made

When taking a look at a car like a Ferrari, it can be easy for the average car enthusiast to think that much of the value packed into that price is based on the name alone. On the surface, that might actually be an argument that could be entertained in most communities. However, for those who are behind the scenes and get to see what goes into making a Ferrari, well, a Ferrari, we see that the average onlooker will have to dig a little bit deeper into the culture. In order to get the full scope of things, seeing everything from how these cars are designed and perfected to how exactly they’re put together all prove to be important. At the end of the day, Ferrari enthusiast or not, the real truth is that it seems like this isn’t a company that will simply put something out there that they think will sell but instead a machine that develops passion and design into one package that they can really get behind.

This time, we get to see that very production process, looking into not the design but how exactly the Ferrari physically comes together. The company does implement the assembly line model but it’s a little bit more detailed than one might think. We aren’t exactly looking at an assembly line that is just producing average commuter cars, after all, but instead, there is seems to be a strong attention to heritage and quality, even in this process, that gets invested into the finished product.

The video below gives us a unique opportunity to get behind the lines in the Ferrari factory to see how it’s done. Perhaps, a video like this one can give us a little bit more perspective as to why, when the Ferrari finally rolls into the streets, that it ends up being such a sought after piece of art meets engineering.