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Hoovies Garage Installs INSANE $25,000 Car Lift in Garage

The gearhead in all of us is a complicated beast. Sure, we want to spend a ton of money on our cars. While most of us don’t have unlimited funds, we certainly have that money spent before even gets here.

The complicated part of it all is that the obsession is not just limited to our machines. Instead, we want to have the dream garage as well. In turn, we’d also like to have that garage filled up with different tools and accessories to make wrenching on the car of our dreams a pleasant experience.

One of the big-ticket accessories that most automotive enthusiasts would absolutely love to have is a lift. For those of us who have rolled around on the ground to do maintenance or upgrades, we can attest to the fact that it isn’t the greatest.

Instead, getting the car up into the air could really be a great way to work on it or potentially store it. For those with a tall garage, certain lifts might be a way to squeeze more machines into the same amount of space. If laid out right, it can essentially double the storage capabilities of any given garage. Who doesn’t want that capability?

With that in mind, not every lift is created equal. There all sorts of different price points and different quality products to choose from. In addition, there are several different designs that one could choose from should they decide to purchase a lift. This time, we get to ride along with Tyler Hoover of Hoovies Garage as he shows off one of the most complex lifts that the industry has to offer.

It looks like Bendpak really hooked him up and watching the lift come together is certainly something that we all can’t help but appreciate. For those wondering, it looks like the retail on something like this comes in at almost $25,000!

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