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Race Car Flips Off the Track, Lands in Spectator’s Truck Bed

At any given race, there’s no telling what will happen. With so many different parts moving out there and drivers trying to do everything that they can the game position, things can go off the rails in a hurry. Sometimes, the collateral damage with this is worse than others. Next to somebody getting hurt, at this sprint car race, we think that a worst-case scenario pretty much unfolded here. Let’s just say that a spectator got involved in a way that they probably never had seen coming.

At the start of heat number two during that NOS Energy Drink Indiana Sprint Week event at Bloomington Speedway, things escalated quickly. Dustin Christie looks to have caught the tire of another competitor which sent his car flying. It would end up veering off of the track and rolling over several times before coming to a halt. However, instead of getting caught in the fence, the sprint car would continue into the parking lot. This is where it would find its way straight into the side of the bed of a Chevrolet Silverado.

Dustin would end up making his way out of the car under his own power. That is obviously the most important take away from an event like this. The Silverado, however, wasn’t so lucky. It looks to have sustained pretty severe amount of damage. After all, flying racecars do tend to pack quite the punch when they land in the bed of a truck.

The video below showcases the entire event unfolding as one spectator got a little bit more of a souvenir than they had bargained for. This is certainly not how somebody wants to spend their night at the races. Hopefully, everyone was able to get the damage patched up and bring their machines back together before long.

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