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Interview Dives into Situation Where Ambulance Gets Booted, Paramedics Respond

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any stranger or more despicable in this world, out come story after story that really make you scratch your head and wonder what’s wrong with people. This time, we found the mother of them all. Normally, we try to remain as neutral as we possibly can but this time it’s nearly impossible and you’ll soon see why. You would think that, when a vehicle belongs to an emergency responder whose job it is to keep peoples’ lives safe, that they would be given a break every once in a while but apparently, some people aren’t ready to give a break to anybody. Honestly, how did anybody think that something like this was alright?

Just as the title of this article infers, paramedics would be out in an ambulance, attempting to save lives, when all of a sudden, they would get hit with quite the cold welcoming committee when responding to a call at a convenience store. When parked up in the parking lot of the store, attempting to tend to a party in need, it turns out that the people working at the store decided that they really wanted to strictly follow the parking regulations in place for the lot, taking it so far as to even boot an ambulance that was parked in the lot during the emergency situation but was still technically violating the code.

The video down below summarizes the entire situation as it shows how somebody thought that abiding by the parking code was a lot more important to them then saving somebody’s life. Actions like this are incredibly despicable and in this one, we get to hear the reaction of the paramedics of what they thought of the call made by the party who booted the vehicle in this tight situation that definitely should not have went on the way that it did. At the end of the day, the employee would be cited for criminal damage to the ambulance and, if you ask us, we think they got away easy.