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Bringing an Iron Man Suit To Life (It Really Flies!)

For those who happen to be among us who are obsessed with comic book superheroes like Iron Man, boy have we got a real-life video for you! No, special effects are used in this video. We almost feel like there should be, though! What’s happening is so unbelievable that we can’t wrap our minds around it

Instead, what we see is the suit that has come together to imitate a sort of Iron Man functionality. Essentially, it ends up allowing the user to strap up and take flight. This is all without any sort of help outside of the suit. It’s incredible to think that, maybe even just a couple of years from now, we could see people traveling around with their very own flying suits. Imagine just strapping in and flying to work. Now that’s a future that we could cosign!

This time, we catch up with Richard Browning and Adam Savage. These men are responsible for creating this sort of apparatus. It almost seems as if they’re in the business of bringing superheroes to life!

Adam Savage is on the scene to meet up with Richard and discuss exactly what it would take to make this flight suit what it has become today. During their time together, Richard takes the time to explain just how he developed the suit. He goes over some of the challenges and successes that he met along the way. There definitely is a roller coaster ride involved with developing something this complex and it’s an interesting story to be told so we’re all ears for this one.

If there’s anyone to really dig into something like this and launch it into the mainstream’s attention, it’s Adam. To top it all off, we get to see a quite finalized version of a suit modeled directly from Iron Man!