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Is 2018 a Good Year to Try to be a Mechanic?

Over the years, the mechanical elements under the hood of your car have always been changing. There’s always been some development that makes the car better than it was in the last run of vehicles, however, in recent years, as you probably noticed alongside the rise of hybrid and electric vehicles, that the electronic technology in your standard combustion engine bay have seemed to get just a little bit more complicated as well. Now, in terms of what exactly that means in regards to if you want to become a mechanic or not can really be an idea that might make you lean in one direction or the other.

This time, we follow along with the Humble Mechanic YouTube channel as he takes this period of time to explain to us exactly what it’s like to be a mechanic in this day and stage. He elaborates on some of the struggles that go along with the job and some of the things that he still finds to be rewarding along with exactly what the future could look like under the hood of a car from his perspective. One of the potentially scary things about an occupation like this is that before, it would have never seemed like any of this would be an issue, however twenty or thirty years from now, you don’t know what anything will look like rolling down the street.

If you follow along with the video below, you get a pretty insightful opinion that gives you the highs and lows of a career path like this. Let’s just say that amongst all the other details, being a mechanic isn’t as much of a sure thing as it might have been a couple of decades ago if you were to get into this field. While we did touch on the fact that everything is changing and that’s something to consider, it seems like recently, that these changes have been coming at a much more rapid pace.