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Is it Possible to be a Car Enthusiast on a Real Budget?

When one takes a time to ponder about the world of car enthusiasts, they might find themselves questioning their own sanity. As a car enthusiast myself, I am sure that I can speak for many when I say that sometimes I question my own sanity when I think about all of the investment in both time and money spent on the lifestyle. It kind of does sound crazy when you think about the fact that we spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on out cars that really doesn’t necessarily make them any more functional. In fact, spending all this money might even make the vehicles less functional depending on the case.

However, with the rise in popularity of the budget build, things seem to be looking up for those two want to get into this hobby but not mortgage their house in the interim. That might sound like a silly anecdote but for anyone who has ever built a race car, I’m sure they can attest to the fact that the price tags can really start to add up quickly, getting to the point where they’ve invested way more money than they had ever anticipated into their car. This really raises the question as to how realistic it can be to maintain your car enthusiast status while keeping yourself on a diet when it comes to your budget.

This time, we dig into a video that attempts to dissect that very concept. In this one, with the tasteful videography of Gears and Gasoline, we meet with a collection of car enthusiasts who challenge the idea that you need to spend a ton of money in order to have a good time in the world of wheels. Sure, you hear about these budget builds all the time but when you break it down and start talking about dollars and cents, how realistic is the concept of a fruitful result while sticking to a strict budget?