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Is Non-Ethanol Gasoline Really Better?

When we really dig deep into what’s best for our cars, there are a lot of conflicting opinions. When it comes to everything from the type of gasoline used to how often we should change the oil, folks seem to butt heads over these matters. It’s pretty good, in a sense, to have some sort of debate about this. Therefore, we can become as educated as possible, as consumers. After all, having two sides to an issue that are heavily argued put us in the best place to put together as much knowledge as we possibly can.

One issue that has really come to the plate lately is that of ethanol content and fuel. Something that’s noticeable at gas stations around the country and has been becoming more popular is that fuel almost always is going to have some sort of ethanol content. However, it certainly still is possible to purchase fuel without ethanol content.

Essentially, the people who create this stuff are arguing that it’s better for the engine in terms of carbon buildup and even fuel efficiency. However, others within the industry argue that ethanol content isn’t as efficient as they claim and can potentially even harbor ill effects, with rust creation being one of them.

By following along with the video below, we catch up with the Project Farm YouTube channel. These guys have been known for testing out all sorts of chemicals through their own thorough processes. By following along, we get the rundown of what exactly is happening inside of our combustion chamber when two different types of fuel are being delivered. In the long run, is ethanol for the worse? We get the feeling that this debate isn’t even close to being settled yet but there is certainly a lot of evidence out there to argue for either side.