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Is the 2019+ 5th Gen Cummins Ram Worth Buying?

Today, trucks have evolved to the point where they are much more than a utility vehicle. Sure, modern trucks deliver more muscle than ever to get the job done. However, the machines have become much more than that. In addition to being able to go to work, many trucks are a luxury item of sorts. In fact, modern pickups can be outfitted with technology and materials comparable to the nicest luxury cars on the market. Even the base model trucks have taken a massive step up in creature comforts.

We aren’t getting all of that value packed into a vehicle for free, though. Instead, the machines often come with quite the price premium. Let’s just say that if you want to buy a newer diesel pickup truck, you had better break out the whole bank account. These things can end up trending toward the six-figure mark pretty quickly.

With the price tag comes one main question. Is it really worth going out there and spending all that extra money to get a newer pickup truck?

This time, we dive into exactly that question as the Just Diesels YouTube channel takes a crack at breaking it all down. In this review, they dive into the categories of powertrain, interior, reliability, and general suspension and capability.

Sure, the new trucks are nice and all but has enough really changed to justify buying one?

Is the juice truly worth the squeeze in a truck like this?

After all, tying yourself to a depreciating asset that costs that much is a big decision. Making sure that the value is there is an integral part of making the best choice possible. At the end of the day, arming oneself with knowledge is the best way to not end up on the short end of the stick.

Hopefully, by the end of this video, we will have a little bit more insight into how to make the best decision possible.

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