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Is This The Most Badass Gender Reveal Ever?

We’ve seen this trend of car guys and girls lighting up these special tires to reveal the gender of their unborn babies at gender reveal parties continue to grow and evolve. This couple decided to make extra sure their reveal got plenty of views by inviting ThatDudeinBlue to come video their festivities. With a subscriber base more than three-quarters of a million strong, it took only hours for this video to rack up five-digit views and now, just 2 days after it was launched, it sits at more than 65K views.

Most of the time we don’t get too much info about the car doing the burnout, either because it’s not anything especially notable or because that’s not because the focus of the video. However, ThatDudeinBlue being a gearhead like the rest of us, he at least got some info about the special edition Bullitt Mustang that was used for the big reveal. The car is a ProCharged 2V build that’s “pretty much fully built”, and while it’s mentioned that the 2-valve engines aren’t exactly the most sought-after, this one still sounds awesome and should be good for quite a bit of horsepower.

What we do know for sure is that it cranks out enough power to smoke the rear tires for a couple of hundred feet while all of the party-goers look on in anticipation of either blue or pink tiresmoke to reveal the baby’s gender. The dad to be jumps behind the wheel and does a great block-long burnout, trailing the bright blue smoke to let the world know their baby is a boy!

We love these videos, and we’re so glad to see this trend continue to spread. Just when we think you guys have reached the pinnacle of badass gender reveals, you manage to find a way to outdo yourselves, so just keep going and we’ll keep sharing your videos with the world!