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Jackie Makes First Nitrous Hit In Big Chief’s CaddyJack, With The Clocks On!

We were introduced to CaddyJack, Big Chief’s Cadillac CTS-V a while back and have watched as the car progressed from a bone-stock factory hotrod to a legitimately badass street/strip killer. We don’t know the full details of the build, since keeping details like that on the hush is a key part of grudge racing. However, we do get a rare glimpse at the car’s actual quarter mile performance potential when Chief’s “hired driver”, Jackie, takes the car through the traps with the scoreboards on.

Chief pulls his girlfriend in to the beams, then backs away and watches as she rips the track to the tune of a 9.43 elapsed time at a stout 150 MPH. To put this into some context, the Dodge Demon ran an absolute best of 9.65 at 140 MPH in perfect conditions. I can tell you based on what many others will tell you, the weather conditions in Oklahoma, where CaddyJack made this pass, will never be as good as those in Gainesville Florida, where the Demon was pushed to it’s quickest ET. So considering that even good Oklahoma conditions are still not great, seeing this car put up a full 2 tenths and 10 MPH over the Demon should put it’s horsepower close to, if not over, the magical 4-digit threshold. Of course, CaddyJack isn’t bone stock, but to retain drivability, the car likely doesn’t have extreme mods. It even sounds relatively tame, at least until Jackie stomps on the throttle.

I’m going to assume the car is still utilizing the factory transmission based on the number of shifts, but a couple of the shifts sound somewhat sluggish, meaning there could be more potential on tap with a beefed-up gearbox. Of course, walking that fine line between street car and race car when you start swapping major driveline components, so the Caddy may stay just like she is for a while.


Gave CaddyJack just a little sniff of Nitrous Express last night and was not disappointed!

Posted by Big Chief 405 on Thursday, November 8, 2018

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