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Jaguar F-Type Attacks Goodwood FOS Hillclimb on Two Wheels

The Goodwood Festival of Speed has become known for its renowned Hillclimb that has all sorts of cars singing. One never knows what they’re going to stumble upon here. This climb features everything from rare exotics to brand new releases. Lots of turns challenge the cars in a variety of different circumstances to really give us an idea of what they’re all about. As the different machines roar up the climb, it really gives fans the chance to absorb some different rides. It’s certainly a fun way to watch fan favorites get pushed a little bit in a competitive format.

This time, it just so happened to be Terry Grant in a Jaguar F-Type that was making its way up the course. Now, normally, this wouldn’t be the most notable climb in the world. Nothing against the F-Type but we’ve seen some of the rarest cars on Earth make the journey here. What is it about this particular exhibition that makes it stand out?. Long story short, this certainly wasn’t just any F-Type display. Instead, the driver behind the wheel here is doing the entire climb on two wheels. That’s right, the driver side of the car isn’t going to touch the ground over the duration of the venture.

By following along in the video below, we get to watch this spectacular display of driving. This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a car navigate on two wheels. However, we can’t say that we have a vehicle make its way around a road course like this on two wheels. When we really sink our teeth into it, the climb looks more like something from a video game than anything else!

After watching this one, be sure to give us your thoughts on the climb. Would you be willing to ride along in a demonstration like this?