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Jay Leno Drives The Legendary 1993 Porsche Schuppan 962CR

If there was any doubt that comedian and late-night talk legend Jay Leno lives the coolest life, we’re about to squash that. As soon as you hit the play button on the video below, the chance that you’re not (even more) jealous of Jay will fall to zero, I can all but guarantee it.

Back in the early 90’s, Porsche built a very limited run of streetable versions of the heralded 926, a world-beating prototype that won multiple world championships in the sports car arena. As the car neared the end of its on-track lifespan, many of the race versions were reconfigured for on-road use and sold. Other privateers, such as Vern Schuppan, a Porsche factory driver, built their own versions of the 962 for road use, building the car from the ground up with backing and support from Porsche. While Schuppan and his team had lofty goals, Japanese financial support faltered and the operation was shuttered after only 6 cars had been completed.

One of the backers, an unnamed double-decker bus windshield factory owner, claimed one of the cars as his own to offset the debt owed by Schuppan. He locked the car away, treating it more as a work of art than a car. However, he kept the car in relatively good working order, leaving just some minor rejuvenation needed when the car was sold to its current owner.

The car rolled into Jay Leno’s Garage with a whopping one whole mile on the odometer. However, Jay being Jay, he was allowed to load up with the current owner in the admittedly cramped cockpit and take the car for a spin, driving the 550+ horsepower rocketship for an additional three miles, running the tally on the odometer to 4 and becoming one of just a handful of people who have driven one of these cars.

Respectfully, Leno kept the car at a moderate pace to prevent anything crazy from happening, but you can tell even in just the few minutes he spent behind the wheel, he was truly impressed.


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