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The Ultimate Go-Kart! Two Stroke Screaming, Riding Wheelies On Ice!

If you’ve ever been bored on a weekend and needed something to do with your friends, looking toward go karting might have been one of the options on the list. While it’s probably a little bit more expensive than going to the movies or whatever other pastimes you have got yourself involved with, usually, the experience proves to be worth it as you’re able to get involved in an all-out competition as everyone fights for position and the playing field is pretty much even as it’ll really let you differentiate yourself between your group and figure out who has the most driving ability.

This time, however, instead of your regular Friday night out at the go kart track, we get to check out what happens when you throw a little bit of ice into the mix. This isn’t your average karting experience as, instead of having a nice asphalt track whether it be outdoors or in, the racing surface has been replaced with a frozen lake. To accommodate for the slippery surface, it looks like this bad boy has been equipped with some special tires and the ride that it provides is nothing short of incredible as this driver certainly isn’t being conservative as this thing absolutely rips!

If you follow along in the video below that shows you a little bit about how something like this might work out, giving you the perspective that you’re probably dying to see. With experiences like this, you’re getting an all-new look at a classic fan favorite. After seeing all that this experience has to offer, be sure to chime in and tell us if this is something that you could see yourself doing. If an all-out adrenaline rush is what you are looking for then look no further because this is probably where that search ends!