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Jeff Lutz First Test Hit at Empire Dragway Was Full Of Boost, Traction and Horsepower!

When you hop behind the wheel of a race car that you’ve been building for quite some time, there are a number of things that you want it to do. You don’t necessarily expect them to do it off the bat but if they do then you’re on the money! First and foremost, you want to gather together enough traction to plow down the track. Now, this seems like an obvious one but when you’re tinkering with cars that make a lot of horsepower, the need to turn it up can sometimes limit traction to a minimum. Finding that perfect balance is exactly what makes cars shine on race day and with a name like Jeff Lutz behind the car, you’re bound to wiggle your way into a happy place. That’s basically where Lutz finds his bread and butter.

This time, the man himself heads down to Empire Dragway to throw some boost to the ground to see just how much power this thing will put down before it breaks loose and during this first test session, if the sounds that his crew was making that are full of excitement are any indicator of how the car is doing, I would venture to say that this thing has a mighty bright future ahead of it. You can’t help but get excited to see this thing in action when it plants down hard, spools up, and throws all of that power to the ground in a way that’s going to cause some trouble for the competition come race day.

Check out the video down below that will take you on the scene as Lutz makes this machine make magic. There’s something about a setup like this all coming together and grabbing traction before rocketing down the track that’s just such a joy to watch. Things are really bound to get interesting and we think that you’ll see you this car toward the front of the pack on race day as the machine gets turned up little by little.