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Jeff Lutz Heads to the Tri-Five Nationals, and Makes Some Passes!

If we’re talking racing in just about any capacity, it takes a ton of practice to make perfect. Even the best names in the game need to go out there and tweak their cars to get the ideal combination. How else do you think that they go so fast? They don’t just wake up one day with the perfect combination ready to roll. It takes tons of test passes, followed by data analysis and slight changes before they’re able to get to that ideal spot.

As we have seen over and over again, even the most feared racers in the game still have to get out there and practice their form as everyone around them is getting better and therefore, if they want to keep that edge and stay towards the top in their spot that they’ve worked so hard to earn, they absolutely have to get better all the time, as well. Staying stagnant isn’t going to help out anybody if they’re looking to climb that ladder and eventually stay there until they can be recognized as the real king of the hill. That ideology doesn’t apply to just racing, either!

If you follow along in the video down below, you’ll catch up with one of the most incredible racing machines that you’re going to see on any street or track around the country as Jeff Lutz and the always gorgeous 57 to do a little bit of testing at the Tri-Five Nationals.

Even when the car is making hits alone, this thing is always a pleasure to watch as it rolls down the surface with absolute ease. If something like this doesn’t get your blood pumping for more racing, you might want to check your pulse and it’s probably time to check into another lifestyle because this machine absolutely rips!