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Jeff Lutz Knocks The Dust Off Mad Max, Laying Down A 3.8-Second Pass!

When we’re talking about some of the fastest to make their way down the drag strip, you can always count on the fact that Jeff Lutz is going to be toward the top of the pack. It always just turns out that he brings top-of-the-line machines to competition and his driving skills just add icing on the cake. Watching this guy make his way down the track is certainly a lot of fun for spectators and fellow racers alike, that is, unless they’re tasked with lining up next to him because in that case, it’s definitely going to be a long, hard climb to the top!

In this one, we get the chance to watch as Lutz takes Mad Max for a couple of passes, shaking off the dust as he makes a couple of test hits to try and get everything dialed in. Whether you know it or not, every single driver that you see out on that racing surface competing from pros like Lutz all the way to the most amateur operation at your local track on a test n’ tune night, everyone has wrinkles to iron out as they climb the ladder toward ultimate speed and, as we see here, Mad Max is no exception to that rule as Jeff and company make a couple of easy passes before getting this thing to hook and book at full tilt!

Follow along with the video down below that takes you on the scene as this wild and rowdy machine go at the strip in a display that you’re going to want to lay your eyes on. There’s just something about the screaming exhausts and high-intensity acceleration from machines like this that really make you want to see more! When it comes to machines like Mad Max, you really just can’t get enough of it!