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Jeff Lutz Racing The Mad Max 1969 Camaro in Oklahoma!

Drag Week legend Jeff Lutz has become a regular on Street Outlaws, but long before the show existed, he was making a name for himself kicking ass on the grueling week long slug fest that is Drag Week.

A couple of weeks before DW2016, Lutz brought out his Mad Max Camaro to Outlaw Armageddon at Thunder Valley Raceway, where YouTuber tomeighty caught some great footage of Jeff and his Camaro in action. First up, he takes on a nitrous Firebird, laying down a great run and taking an easy win. We catch a brief glimpse of him back in the pits talking with a fan or fellow competitor, then head back to the track.

This time, Lutz in lined up with one of the baddest cars in the Midwest, the Texas Grim Reaper. Lutz isn’t able to hang with the blown pro mod, though he puts up a solid effort in the loss. While Jeff was most likely at the event for pre-Drag Week testing, he has a fast enough car to take the win, but today wasn’t his day.


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