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Jeremy Clarkson Bumps Heads With the Tesla Model X

For fans of Jeremy Clarkson over the years, myself included, some might’ve noticed that he has kind of built up a reputation for not taking a liking to American cars. We can’t quite be sure if it’s just his shtick or if he truly fails to find much good that comes from the good old US of A. This time, though, perhaps the vehicle in question might just change his mind on American cars.

Leaping into the future, this time, Clarkson takes on Tesla. Naturally, Tesla has managed to make a giant stride to the front of the American car market. Would said stride be big enough, though, to win over an American car naysayer like Clarkson?

Straight from the jump, it appears as if Clarkson is actually rather thrilled with the Tesla Model X. He even goes so far as saying that the Model X “Represents a whole new way of thinking about what a car actually is.”

Clarkson certainly isn’t wrong as Tesla has changed much of what we know about vehicles. in fact, it seems like we’re in an age where many brands, foreign and domestic, are playing keep up with Tesla.

The company has not only come up with new ideas. Coming up with ideas is easy. What they have managed to do is complete the hard part of having mainstream success with these new ideas. Sure, having an autonomous car sounds pretty cool. However, if autonomous technology could never be implemented in mainstream automotive culture, what is it all for?

In the video below, Clarkson takes on one of the latest Teslas as he goes over every last feature of the car from the massive touchscreen to the low center of gravity and performance tendencies. Will the overall package of Tesla’s flagship SUV get Clarkson’s stamp of approval?