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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals What He Thinks of the New Top Gear

When the trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond were on Top Gear, it was undeniably the most popular automotive show ever. There was something magical about that combination that made Top Gear rise to the top of the ranks. However, before long, it would all come crashing down. From what we publicly know, most of it seemed to be due to Clarkson’s indiscretions with the production team. Before we knew it, the crew had split and it was time for Top Gear to move on. Meanwhile, history would write itself as the former hosts would create their very own show. This is what we now know as The Grand Tour on Amazon.

Naturally, this sort of story might spawn a little bit of friendly competition. Naturally, the public is probably expecting these figureheads to have some sort of political response. For normal presenters, the only thing that we would expect would be to hear how well they wish the folks on the other show. Jeremy Clarkson isn’t normal.

We know that the cast are at least taking a look at what’s going on with what they used to be a part of. It’s pretty much human nature to want to do better than the show that wouldn’t have you any longer.

As we know, Clarkson isn’t normally one to mince words. After all, his refusal to conform to societal norms is a big part of the reason why Top Gear fell apart in the first place. When all of the dust has pretty much settled and the respective camps have had their own success, what does Jeremy think about the whole situation? After all, The Grand Tour has done substantially better than Top Gear. Would Jeremy take a moment, when asked, to rub that success in the face of his former coworkers? A spot on The Jonathan Ross Show would reveal exactly what Jeremy’s reaction ended up being.