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Jet Car Drag Racing is Something That’s “Must See” at Least Once

When it comes to the wide world of motorsports, there obviously are all kinds of different formats of racing that one could go out to check out for themselves. If you ask us, we think that you should try to watch a little bit of everything to see which kind of competition entertains you the most. Who knows? You could even find yourself a lifelong passion! Even within something that might seem as specific as drag racing, there are still all sorts of competitions that you could watch go down between those walls. Everything from vehicles that you might see daily driving to top fuel funny cars and everything in between will make their way down the strip in an all-out battle.

This time, however, we check out a group of cars that really is in a class of its very own.This time, it’s all about jet powered dragsters. That’s right, these machines are powered by jet propulsion that really puts on a show that is one of the fastest on wheels as jet engines are able to fire up, scream their lungs out, and make an incredible amount of heat as these cars push their way down the strip to quarter-mile passes topping 260 mph in just four seconds. It’s pretty hard to imagine just how many G-forces are pushing against your face and throwing you back in the seat when something like this takes off down the track.

If you can’t quite envision exactly what a jet powered dragster looks like, well, you don’t have to! The video below does a pretty good job of showing off the action as it sits you trackside and shows you exactly what these beasts of machines are able to accomplish. When witnessing the sheer power that’s put on display here, you really can’t help but be blown away by exactly how fast these cars are able to go.


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