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JJ Da Boss Rides in Pickup Bed During Drag Race, Gets Darlington Dragway Cancelled

In the competitive landscape of entertainment, where TV ratings and social media views reign supreme, the quest to remain relevant is a constant battle. This struggle is particularly evident in the world of influencers, where individuals often go to great lengths to maintain their spotlight, sometimes resulting in both self-ridicule and, occasionally, consequences for others.

The latest episode of this trend unfolded with JJ Da Boss, a prominent figure from Street Outlaws. Seeking to create compelling content and perhaps make a lasting impression, JJ Da Boss took a daring step that landed Darlington Dragway in hot water. In a bid to captivate audiences, he hopped into the bed of his purpose-built drag racing pickup truck named “Ole Heavy” during a pass down the drag strip.

The crowd was left astounded as JJ Da Boss clung to the bed for dear life while “Ole Heavy” executed an impressive wheelie off the starting line. The dangerous maneuver, aimed at delivering thrilling content, could have resulted in a catastrophe, but fortunately, no injuries were reported.

However, the aftermath of the incident took an unexpected turn. As video footage of the stunt went viral, the sanctioning body for Darlington Dragway, the WDRA, took a firm stance against it. On Monday, the WDRA announced to its members that, citing safety and insurance violations, it would be terminating its sanctioning agreement with Darlington Dragway.

It’s unclear if such a stunt had gained approval from track personnel or not (we would probably guess the latter). However, it seems as if that remains irrelevant to the WDRA. Ultimately, no matter how big the star racing, is the track officials’ ultimate responsibility to make sure that nothing outside of the lines happening at their facility. Darlington is sure to suffer a blow in the midst of what is already a challenging world of operating a drag strip. JJ Da Boss at Darlington Dragway this past weekend. What are your thoughts? Viewer discretion is advised (due to the language).