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The 405 LOSE $16,000 in Photo Finish Race Finale! | Street Outlaws

One of the captivating aspects of drag racing is that it swiftly provides answers about who is the fastest contender. In just a matter of seconds, a quarter-mile stretch of road becomes the great equalizer, revealing the victor. This time, we’re diving into what could be one of the closest battles ever witnessed on “Street Outlaws.” The duel features Doc from the 405 squaring off against Aaron Lopez and his high-powered Honda, with a substantial $16,000 prize at stake.

The race started with 32 exceptionally fast and respected street cars, making it a fierce competition from the outset. But now, it has come down to these two, the final contenders who will determine who walks away with the substantial purse. In one corner, we have Doc and his Chevrolet Monte Carlo, a driver who considers himself an unlikely finalist but is proud to have staged a remarkable comeback to defend the 405’s honor.

On the other side of the track, we have a Honda Civic, a small car that packs quite a punch and promises to offer fierce competition. As the moment of truth arrives, both drivers give it their all in this high-stakes battle.

As the race unfolds, the Honda initially gains a slight advantage over Doc’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Still, it becomes clear that the Monte Carlo is a force to be reckoned with, and it begins reeling in the Civic. As they approach the finish line, it’s a photo finish that leaves everyone on edge. Race master Shawn Ellington describes it as “the toughest decision” he has ever had to make in his life.

The race sparks controversy as it’s just too close to call definitively. However, the race master ultimately makes the tough decision to declare a winner, concluding this nail-biting battle with a sense of both excitement and suspense.