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Joe Rogan and Dale Jr Talk About What it’s Like to Flip a Car

For those who are able to round the track for a NASCAR lap, they are an elite group. These drivers are obviously going to experience some things that very few people on earth ever get to experience. For starters, a very small fraction of the population on earth has been able to travel at such high speeds. However, NASCAR drivers brush off 200 mph like it’s nothing.

Even beyond that, though, there are some things that only a select portion of these drivers are able to experience. Among a small percentage of the small percentage, we have drivers who are put through incredibly rare situations. This time, we’re not talking about those who won championships.

Over the course of a NASCAR career, it’s likely that a driver is going to wreck. Heck, if a driver is racing full time, they will more likely than not be involved in multiple wrecks throughout the season. However, on the other hand, it’s pretty rare that they’re going to flip a car over. While it does happen in races from time to time, it’s certainly not something that we would consider all that common.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a driver who has been through such a phenomenon. It’s really a situation that’s hard to picture ourselves being in. The sheer feeling of being inside of a car flying through the air upside down has to be something unlike anything else.

This clip from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast might be just a little bit dated. However, for those who haven’t seen Junior describing what it’s like to flip the car, it’s definitely worth the watch. When we really break it down and think about it, there may only be a couple of hundred people who have ever done something like this in their lifetime. In the moment, the experience probably isn’t preferable. Looking back, though, it makes for an awesome story.

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