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John Force Has a Message For Americans Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

John Force Has a Message For Americans Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

In this day and age, we, as a country are going through a rather difficult time. As the days roll forward, uncertainty continues to build. While it seems like we never know when this thing is going to end or how big it will grow, we can still all do our part to push through it. Coming together as a community is going to be important.

In this sort of time, it seems like we need some positivity as well. We got some of that much-needed positivity with the news the other day. A story broke some of America’s biggest automakers are going to be jumping on board to help. Ford, General Motors, and Tesla had all pledged that they would be willing to look into producing emergency equipment if need be. Yesterday, President Donald Trump gave them the go-ahead to begin putting the steps in motion to make this a reality.

More recently, John Force spoke out on the spreading pandemic. His message was one of positivity as well. Force acknowledged that he doesn’t know much about what’s going on. He’s not a doctor, after all. However, he did say that, as Americans, we will be the ones to be able to get through this.

In addition, he spoke on how grateful he is for the great people in his life and tells us about his game plan which is to get back to racing as soon as possible. Force reminds us that, even in a struggle, we all have something to be grateful for.

“We will get through it because we are Americans” were some of the words from Force’s speech that stood out to us. We can’t say for sure what direction this thing is going to take. However, a positive outlook like this isn’t going to hurt anybody. Perhaps, if we can be proactive with handling the situation and maybe a little bit overcautious, all of this will blow by before we know it.