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John Stanley Runs a Staggering 5.57@263MPH at SCSN 13!

The insane world out outlaw Pro Mod is packed with cars you simply cannot forget, but even in a sea of badass cars, there are still those that stand out for any number of reasons. The body style, the paint, the blistering numbers they throw up on the scoreboard, and of course, the awesome people that make it happen.

For this particular car, and team, it’s all of the above. John Stanley and his wicked blown Cadillac CTS-V, dubbed Daddy’s Caddy, stand out more because of the guys that make the car work. John, along with his dad Camp, who is a legend in the world of door slammer racing in his own right, are some of the nicest, most genuinely awesome people you will ever encounter, not just at the drag strip, but anywhere. These guys are the epitome of the adage “he’ll give you the shirt off his back”, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if both had literally done just that at some point.

While often the “nice guys” at the track seem to struggle when it comes to getting it done on the track, these guys also know how to lay it down and put the Caddy into warp speed, as you can see in the video below from our good friend Hans at Free Life Films. In Thursday’s opening qualifying session for this weekend’s thirteenth running of the Street Car Super Nats at The Strip in Las Vegas, Camp tuned up the gorgeous black and silver bullet and sent John on a run that got the attention of every pro mod team on the property.

Daddy’s Caddy left hard and straight as an arrow en route to a stout 5.57 elapsed time at a butt-puckering 263 MPH. If you look closely, you can see that this car was quite literally on rails the entire 1,320 feet, showing that John and Camp and their team really have this car figured out. It’s not often you see a car with this kind of power driving straight as a string right down the track like this. Hopefully they’re able to keep these kind of numbers coming all weekend. If you’re within a reasonable drive of Las Vegas, this race is one to go see! If you’re too far away to drive and don’t want to fly, check it out on the live feed.