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Phantom’s Shop Truck Sounds Wicked Thanks to Stainless Works Exhaust and Headers

The guys as Midwest Street Cars don’t just build race cars and street-raced cars, they also do work for customers, when time allows, as well as working on their own rides. Phantom has picked up a shop truck and decided she – her name is ChiChi – needed a little more authority in her exhaust note, so up on the lift she went for a complete Stainless Works exhaust setup, including a set of headers.

While the truck likely won’t ever see the track, any ride representing your business should do so effectively. A stock Silverado rolling up with Midwest Street Cars on the back is just unacceptable, so that’s where this slick exhaust setup comes into play.

The first thing you see is a bit of customization for the setup, an exit for the exhaust being trimmed through the body just behind the passenger side rear wheel instead of just dumping the exhaust under the fender like most setups. From there, the camera takes a walk under the truck while it’s still on the lift to give us a great look at the whole exhaust system install before they drop it down and fire it up for the first time.

Finally, outside the shop, we get a walk around of the truck idling and, I have to say, it sounds pretty damn good. The truck, which had a Brian Tooley Racing Stage 4 cam already installed, sounds pretty much perfect after the addition of the exhaust. It’s not too loud, but certainly loud enough, which is a hard balance to find sometimes. This is part of why Stainless Works has built such a huge customer base. Along with the quality of their products, their mufflers sound amazing.

Thanks, as always, to the guys at Midwest Street Cars for sharing this clip with us. We love to see what the guys are doing behind the scenes and what new projects their working on. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of ChiChi in the future!