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Join Shawn as he Revitalizes Murder Nova’s Small Block in Epic Garage Hangout Video

When it comes to staying competitive, evolution is a natural part of racing. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the top of the list or the bottom, everybody needs to keep it moving in order to stay on their A-game. Murder Nova is certainly no exception to that rule as he seems to have been constantly at work, doing everything that he can to keep his sister flat black Chevrolet Nova on the top of its game.

As we sit in 2020, a lot of our favorite Street Outlaws have picked up YouTube channels of their own. With that, we have been able to go behind the scenes, check out some of the most important moments that really make a race team click on a high level.

When these racers finally do hit the racing surface on the show, what we see is only a small portion of the behind-the-scenes work that needs to be invested in order to make a team successful. It’s all of the long, hard, hours that we wouldn’t normally see that can make a difference on race day. These days, though, YouTube allows us to really dive deep into some of our favorite operations, seeing the moments that they invest that really make the end result that much better.

By following along with the video below, we get to see the continuation of the journey of the small block under the hood of the Murder Nova coming back to life. In the scheme of things, to Shawn, this might amount to nothing more than a couple of hours spent in the garage putting together his car. However, for all of the fans who can’t get enough of their favorite Street Outlaw, this is a look inside of the magic that comes to life on television screens across the nation.