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Jumping A Dirt bike With A Tire Made Of Duct Tape

It’s pretty crazy what can be concocted while thinking with the motorsports mindset. Those of us who are fans of things with engines and wheels tend to come up with some pretty crazy ideas from time to time. After working on something for so long and looking at it all the time, the mind might begin to wander. This can lead to crazy concepts like creating tires out of something that definitely isn’t designed to be tire compound.

No matter what the machine, the tires on board have gone through extensive research and development to get to where they are today. Whether it’s a car or a bike, we can almost guarantee that most products that we see on shelves are the evolution of lots of trial and error. This comes on top of lots of other research, too. However, in this case, traditional a dirt bike tire is being ditched in favor of something a little bit different.

Instead of putting rubber underneath of this dirtbike, young Danger Boy Deegan has decided to go with a different compound. This time, we can see what happens when an entire dirt bike tire is replaced with none other than a couple of rolls of duct tape.

This might seem a little bit crazy and off the wall. That’s because it is. There’s no way that any of us expected this to work with any sort of effectiveness. However, when the experience put to the test, we have to admit that we were very entertained by the results. It actually didn’t seem to serve as a bad temporary replacement, either.

By following along with the video below, we get an inside look at what happens when a homemade tire is put to use! We’re not sure that they had any expectations going into this one outside of having a great time. At the end of it all, that looks like exactly what they did.

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