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Can You Jumpstart a Car With Just a Drill Battery?

Whenever we come across something questionable on the web, it’s natural to be skeptical. In fact, for those who aren’t a little bit skeptical when they see some sort of crazy idea, we would recommend questioning things a little bit more. It’s only natural in the world of videos that seem to be fake and really over exaggerated the name of getting clicks. While the internet has done its fair share of helping us out with learning, it also has thrown a wrench in the gears in ways that we couldn’t have expected.

In this particular video that had us questioning things a little bit, we see a car battery getting jumped. Normally, this process would obviously require another vehicle and some jumper cables. For he or she who is well-prepared, they might even have a battery powered jumper box. However, what we wouldn’t expect is jumping a car with a drill battery. It just seems that it would be vastly underpowered. However, according to the uploader of this video, that’s all that it took to get his car going.

For what it’s worth, some commenters suspect foul play. Some think that it’s a complete hoax. Others seem to say that maybe the battery was just a bit weak but not dead. We know that the comment section isn’t naturally the best place to go to do research but it’s all we’ve got on this one. As it turns out, there’s not a wide array of people who can leave a review on getting a car started with a drill battery.

On the other hand, some seemed to think that it’s entirely possible. While we wouldn’t recommend this in any capacity, some folks are saying that it might be helpful in a pinch. After seeing something like this, what’s your take on the outcome?