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Junk Car Racing Is A Sport We Could Get Behind, Which Friends Would You Race With?

It’s pretty crazy how, when you’re creative and have enough space to play, a limited budget can create maximum fun. Sure, spending a lot of money on a car could end up resulting in something that’s a ton of fun to play with, however, it seems like this idea really executes on maximum fun and might not have even cost $1000. It just goes to show you that while it can be beneficial to have money to pay to play, sometimes, the simple things in life can be what lead you to haing a great time, instead, when you can just make the most of a bunch of junk.

This time, it would appear as if exactly that is the case as a bunch of friends made use of beater cars that are definitely ragged out and probably didn’t have much of a purpose other than scrap metal or maybe a slight part out. However, these competitors wouldn’t let that stop them from having an absolute blast with these things as they would stretch the legs out a little bit on a course built in the yard that would take these junkyard machines and push them to the absolute limit, carving up the racing surface with a vengeance and a great determination that looks to have made this one a little bit competitive.

Not sure about you, but I could see a couple of my friends doing this. If I asked them to join, I’m not sure that any of them would turn down the opportunity. This just goes to show you that ballin’ on a budget is a real thing and you can create a great time with friends without completely breaking the bank. After checking this one out, who else would want to go on such an adrenaline filled adventure?