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This Trucker Has The Ultimate Lake Party All On One Load!

Sometimes, you may come across somebody who had an idea and just went to town with it, absolutely knocking it out of the ballpark when it comes to execution as some folks tend to build pretty crazy and incredible creations with their own two hands. This time, all we have is a brief clip from the highway filmed by some the passer-bys of what they probably believed to be an amazing enough creation pull out their camera and film it. We think that what we’re seeing here is pretty miraculous, if you ask us. It looks like somebody is pretty well into big and heavy trucks as they took the theme and ran with it.

In this one, we check out the clip that, while short, might just have you dropping your jaw to the floor as a whole collection of vehicles come together like a bunch of peas in a pod, really stretching the concept of the big rig to the absolute max and then some. Not only is the rig pulling this collection bad to the bone, but when you start to dig into what’s behind it, you’ll be even more impressed as you’ll find a matching pontoon boat, complete with lots of features and inspiration drawn from the rig that’s pulling it. As if that wasn’t enough, matching jet skis are thrown into the mix as well to make things even more interesting.

After you get the opportunity to sink your teeth into this combo down below, be sure to tell us which part of this compilation of vehicles you think is the most impressive. As far as the set up on theme vehicles go, you could definitely color us impressed with this one as it certainly delivers on having that “wow” factor needed to draw a whole bunch of eyeballs to the well-executed plan that’s going on here.


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