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Just How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Nearly 30 Year Old Silverado With 300,000+ Miles

When it comes to one thing that every single vehicle buyer is looking for, its reliability. It doesn’t matter if somebody is looking for a pickup truck for work or a sedan to get the family around. If it’s not reliable, there’s a good chance that any model is going to quickly fall down the list of potential consumers.

This is something that could definitely be hard to figure out in advance. After all, when purchasing a newer vehicle, there isn’t going to be much data behind it to back up that it’s reliable. Instead, consumers will be left to use a short trail of data and their best judgment to try and find a car or truck that’s going to suit them best down the road.

This time, we check in with a pickup truck that has been around the block more than a couple of times and we learn a little bit about how exactly it has gotten there. When we see some of these super high mileage vehicles, we can’t help but wonder if that high mileage is due to a ton of maintenance or if it’s a model that just keeps on going forever.

With this old school Chevrolet Silverado, this particular example has driven 305,000 miles. We think that this is more than enough mileage than one should be able to expect from just about any vehicle. How exactly it has gotten there is another story entirely, though. This time, we drop in with the help of The Fast Lane to chat with the owner of the truck. In the overview, he talks about all of the mileage that he has put on the truck and the parts that have been replaced along the way. Let’s just say that it has been a long journey and one that we might even learn a thing or two from.