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Truck Limo Wal Mart Commercial! The Chevy That Can Cram The Whole Fam.

Possibly the hardest part about rounding up The Boys™ for an evening of beard shaping, boot shopping, and buffalo wings is fitting them all in a single-vehicle. Sure, a pickup bed can theoretically fit your dozen friends, but riding there isn’t necessarily legal in all 50 states. Treating the fellas to a Boys’ Night Out requires a truck with one cab to rule them all, and conveniently, a truck with such has just popped up for sale outside Des Moines, Iowa.

Listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace as a 1996 Chevrolet Silverado (though Chevy didn’t use the name ’til 1999 models), this 3500HD appears to have been converted into a limousine in the mid-1990s, if its interior amenities and design are anything to go by. With seating for 12 and 115,000 miles under its belt, this limo has probably already ferried hundreds if not thousands of bachelor(ette) parties in its time, and those won’t have been easy miles given the mass added by the limo conversion.

Its 6.5-liter, turbocharged Detroit Diesel V8 may still be in solid shape, though, as its maximum output of 190 horsepower and 385 pound-feet of torque were conservative even by turbodiesel standards of the day. This modest power traveled through a column-shifted automatic transmission (almost certainly the four-speed 4L80E) to a dually rear axle and possibly the front as well, though it’s hard to see a limo service incurring the extra costs of four-wheel drive.

 It’s also hard to imagine a world where this old limo is worth its asking price of $17,000, which seems a little high for a heavy-duty C/K with this engine, mileage, and work history. Maybe its seller is preemptively applying the classic truck tax, even though these C/Ks are still a few years off from riding a wave of nostalgia for the mid-late ’90s.
And with the pandemic worsening again, it’s also not the time to be buying into personal party trucks, and it won’t be for at least another several months.