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Justin Jones’s Pro Mod Corvette, Hits FuelTech’s Dyno!

Justin Jones's Pro Mod Corvette, Hits FuelTech's Dyno!

FuelTech has been putting in work on their in-house hub dyno, and the videos cranked out by Brandon Johnson, their photographer and videographer, and nothing short of stellar.

For this video, FuelTech’s own Luis de Leon climbs behind the wheel of Justin Jones wicked new blown Pro Mod Corvette to dial in FuelTech’s innovative coil-on-plug system, a system not used before on a blown alcohol Pro Mod powerplant. If you know anything at all about FuelTech, though, you know they’ve completely innovated the world of fuel injection, ignition timing control, and power management, integrating all of these systems into their small, intuitive FT600 interface.

With a solid baseline loaded into the FT600, Luis fired up the rowdy supercharged Hemi and put the dyno to work, making a handful of pulls to refine the tune to his liking. While it’s cool to put up big numbers, the goal with these sessions to make as much power below peak as possible, increasing power and torque down low as well as near peak. This ensures the engine is making the tune is taking advantage of as much of the available horsepower as possible.

This car, for those who missed it a couple of weeks ago, debuted at Orland’s US Street Nationals and laid down one of the quickest passes in Pro Mod history, and that was before this dyno session at FuelTech. With Brandon Pesz doing the tuning at the track, look for the car to lay down even more stellar numbers now they have gotten the car even more dialed in.

Pesz also bolted radials onto his 58 Corvette, which is similar in design to Jones’ C7, for this weekend’s Lights Out 10 and he too spent some time on the dyno making sure he was making as much power under the curve as possible. Look for them to run up front this weekend, and everywhere else they race for the rest of 2019!