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Justin Martin Takes Us For A 4 Second Ride In His Twin Turbo Nova In LDR Trim

If you ever wondered what goes on inside a world-record holding twin turbo drag radial car, we have the video to answer your questions. Thanks to our good friend Doug over at Motion Raceworks, we have this video of exactly that!

Doug isn’t a video guy or photographer, he actually owns a company that makes and sells accessories and brackets of all types for a huge variety of cars. However, he’s always been an avid supporter of the trackside media guys, and likes to throw his GoPro in, or on, his customers’ cars now and then just for fun. It’s awesome to see a friend getting into the media side of things as well, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to share one of his videos.

Oklahoma native Justin Martin has been one of the heavy hitters in LDR since the class was conceived a couple of years ago. His beautiful orange Nova has a Pete Harrell-built twin turbo big block under the hood and has run as quick as 4.09, standing as the only man to currently hold an LDR time slip with a 4.0 second elapsed time. Harrell, who is also Martin’s tuner, has this car dialed in and, as you can see in the video below, it’s relatively drama-free from start to finish.

Martin does a relatively short burnout since the temps at this particular event soared into the low 90’s and the unrelenting Georgia sun sent track temps into the 130 degree range. Martin then rolls carefully into the pre-stage beams, brings the car up on the 2-step to begin building boost, then bumps into the beams to take the tree.

The green flashes and Martin launches hard, rolling straight down the groove at South Georgia Motorsports Park. You see Justin reach up and hit the chutes just as the car reaches the finish line and he rolls out of the throttle to bring the car to a safe stop.

Thanks again to Doug for the awesome footage, we look forward to seeing more great videos from him!