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Take A Ride In Tim Essick’s Beautiful Outlaw 10.5 Mustang For A 3 Second Pass!

Tim Essick has built one of the best looking Mustang-bodied race cars I’ve ever seen, and it just happens to run as good as it looks.

I have a love-hate relationship with most late model Mustang race cars, especially if they body has been modified much at all. They are great looking cars in factory form, but always seem to lose something during their transformation from street use to track-only status. Essick’s car doesn’t look to be modified much at all as far as the body itself, though, and it looks simply amazing.

It’s also not often somebody tells you a car is brown and you expect it to be pretty at all, but when your take on brown is a deep metallic root beer paint that shimmers in the light, it just works. Essick knew what he was doing for sure, because the car has gotten a ton of buzz since it first hit the track.

I’m telling you about the outside because in the video below, all you get to see is the in-car perspective from a camera riding alongside Tim, so other than the top of the door panel, you really aren’t shown anything about what the car looks like from the stands. I know there is more footage of this car floating around out there, so perhaps we’ll do another write-up about it down the road.

This particular video is of one of the passes on Essick’s journey to reach the 3.80’s, a feat he would accomplish last weekend. He’s the first Outlaw 10.5 competitor to reach the hallowed sub-3.90 range on a slick, earning him a spot in the history books for his feat. The ProCharged Mustang is certainly a dual-threat when it comes to looks and performance, having more than enough power to back up the killer appearance. It’s not often a racer can say “I’ll beat you on the track and in a car show”, but Tim Essick certainly can!