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Kayla Morton Wins $50,000 Big Tire Final at Outlaw Armageddon

Drag racing in and of itself is tough enough to be able to conquer. While the untrained eye might think that it’s nothing more than stabbing the throttle and steering, there are so many more factors that make the sport one complicated ball of wax. For those who choose to take on no prep races, it adds yet another layer of difficulty to the already complex beast. These no prep races remove the stick track prep that really helps big power cars to get down the track. Without it, let’s just say that things can get a little bit wild with the lack of traction.

For those who are looking to really throw down in this corner of the drag racing world, Outlaw Armageddon is the place to do it. This is where some of the biggest names come out to try and prove their worth. In addition, there is some major prize money on the line.

On the no prep scene, Kayla Morton is certainly a name to watch out for. When it came to the Super Bowl of no prep, she was certainly on her toes and ready to take on all comers. The big tire class most definitely bought some heavy hitters to the table. Kayla looked them straight in the face and absolutely refused to flinch, though.

Up above in the video from Holeshot Productions, and down below from Speed Video we follow the Hot Mess Express to the line as it gets ready to do battle in the finals. The Ford Probe in the other lane wasn’t backing down so this one was certainly a battle all the way to the finish line. Once Kayla made her way out of the hole, she never looked back! This is certainly one way to make an impact in the world of no prep.