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Render To Reality: Ken Block Unveils His Newest Creation

As one of the most accomplished drivers in the world, Ken Block certainly comes equipped with a lot of automobiles. Whether we’re speaking on his cars and trucks that have been custom tailored to perform in the Gymkhana series or rally machines, Block has been seen wheeling so many cars that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Just to confuse matters a little bit more for those who are trying to think of Block’s greatest hits on wheels, in comes another car that we’ll see the speed demon behind the wheel of.

This time, we follow along with a journey that focuses more on appearance than anything. In the experience, we get to check in with Troy Lee Designs and gather his take on what it’s like to outfit Block’s machines and helmets alike in some of the most attention-grabbing liveries that the industry has to offer. This is certainly an important part of the experience as it makes machines really pop off of the page with flying colors. It does a sort of service in the aspect of adding a new dimension to how we see some of these rides.

When tuning in with the video below, we check out not only that but a collaboration that has brought Block’s all-new Ford Escort Cosworth racecar to life. To check out the rendering behind the Escort is a really special experience that we get to go through. It can be easy to take certain vehicles for granted without seeing the magic that is made behind the scenes. However, getting to see how all of the pieces come together will give one that much more appreciation for the finished product. The methodical step by step nature of watching how these machines come together is certainly something to be admired.