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Kevin Hart’s New Chocolatey Brown Detroit Speed ’69 GTO Is Incredible

In the realm of celebrities, there are fortunes abound, especially within the exclusive A-list circles where extravagant spending is the norm. However, as we’ve witnessed repeatedly, having substantial wealth and the desire to acquire a high-end vehicle doesn’t necessarily equate to automotive expertise. In fact, there are a lot of celebrities out there just throwing around money on the car that they think is going to get them the most social cred – nothing new here.

Within the close-knit community of automotive enthusiasts, there’s a distinct appreciation for celebrities who not only spend on luxurious rides but do so with a genuine passion for motoring, rather than merely flaunting their financial well being.

Kevin Hart is a prime example of a celebrity who aligns with this description. The multi-talented entertainer boasts a fleet of enthusiast-grade vehicles that might not immediately stand out to the general public but are revered by those in the know. Hart’s collection reflects a true appreciation for cars, evident in their pristine condition and thoughtfully executed modifications. Most members of the collection go above and beyond and this example is certainly no different.

At the 2023 SEMA Show, we catch a glimpse of Hart’s latest addition to his impressive lineup – the ’69 Pontiac GTO named “Droppa.” This Pontiac underwent a comprehensive overhaul by the skilled craftsmen at Detroit Speed. Every inch of the vehicle has been customized, leaving no bolt untouched. While the vintage charm of the old-school machine is preserved, it’s seamlessly brought into the modern era.

Through the videos below, we’re treated to an intimate encounter with the chocolatey brown Pontiac, a showstopper that commands attention and stands as a testament to Kevin’s genuine passion for the automotive world. The ‘Droppa’ GTO is not just a display of wealth; it’s a manifestation of a true car enthusiast’s dedication to the craft.