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Kia Reveals The New Tasman Pickup Truck. Weird, But Good?

Kia Tasman Set to Redefine Pickup Truck Aesthetics with Its Unique Design

In the fiercely competitive world of midsize pickup trucks, standing out requires more than just robust capabilities and cutting-edge technology—it demands a distinctive style. Enter the Kia Tasman, a truck that not only promises to compete with stalwarts like the Ford Ranger but also introduces a design so unique it’s poised to turn heads. Expected to launch in 2025, the Tasman might just be the most refreshingly bizarre-looking pickup on the market, and for Kia, that’s a strategic move bound to capture attention.

  • The colorful camouflage is distracting, but we can see the mid-size truck's boxy shape, chunky all-terrain tires, and Telluride-esque headlights.

The first official glimpse of the Tasman reveals a truck wrapped in a vibrant, colorful camouflage, a design crafted by artist Richard Boyd-Dunlop. While primarily functional in hiding specific design details from prying eyes, the wrap itself hints at the Tasman’s bold, adventurous spirit. Beneath the camouflage, key features begin to emerge: a boxy shape, chunky all-terrain tires, and headlights reminiscent of those on Kia’s Telluride and EV9 SUVs, signaling robust off-road capabilities and a strong family resemblance.

Named after the Australian island of Tasmania, the Tasman’s design is not merely about aesthetics but also functionality. The truck sports a crew-cab shape optimized for both space and comfort, setting a new benchmark in the midsize truck segment. Its all-terrain tires suggest a vehicle ready to tackle a variety of landscapes, aligning with Kia’s vision of offering a truck suitable for both work and extreme leisure activities.

Despite the playful wrap, the Tasman’s physical attributes suggest serious business. A kicked-up C-pillar and crisp surfacing lines along the sides enhance its dynamic appearance, while integrated steps in the rear bumper improve accessibility. The taillights that jut out from the corners further accentuate its distinctive design.

  • Via - Kia
    The colorful camouflage is distracting, but we can see the mid-size truck's boxy shape, chunky all-terrain tires, and Telluride-esque headlights.

The Tasman’s introduction comes at a time when Kia is enjoying a surge in popularity, thanks to its willingness to embrace bold styling choices in models like the EV6 and EV9. This design courage has translated into commercial success, with 2023 marking the brand’s best sales year ever. By continuing this trend with the Tasman, Kia aims not just to enter the pickup market but to do so with a splash.

While details on the Tasman’s underpinnings and powertrains remain scant, the truck is rumored to offer a range of engines including a turbodiesel 2.2-liter and possibly Kia’s twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6, catering to both traditional truck use and performance-seeking drivers. Kia’s press release hints at a vehicle built for reliability and performance, capable of leading customers into unknown and beautiful landscapes.

The concept of ‘The Path Never Taken’ is central to the Tasman’s market positioning. This theme encapsulates the adventurous spirit of the truck, encouraging owners to embark on journeys of discovery. The Tasman’s design ensures it’s versatile, ready for city streets or rugged terrains, supporting owners’ diverse activities.

Currently, Kia plans to launch the Tasman in several markets including Korea, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East. However, recent sightings of a Tasman prototype testing in California have sparked speculation about its eventual release in the U.S. market, a move that could significantly shake up the midsize truck segment.

In a world where pickup trucks often blend into a sea of similarity, the Kia Tasman stands out not just for its features but for its fearless design. As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, vehicles like the Tasman demonstrate Kia’s commitment to innovation—not just in technology but in making a visual statement that resonates with consumers looking for something out of the ordinary.

As 2025 approaches, the automotive world watches eagerly to see if the Tasman can indeed redefine what a pickup truck can be.