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New Software Update Kia/Hyundai Owners, Kia Boys Strike

The Kia Boyz are a real thing and all they do is steal Kias & Hyundais. Andrew Callaghan of Channel 5 dives into the subculture of kids stealing these vehicles. Driven by social media followings these young kids are inspired by virality.

The city has recognized this mayhem and has been trying to stop the thefts. But still, they continue.

Office Mayor Eric Adams and New York City Police Department Commissioner Keechant Sewell make a public safety related announcement concerning car theft and social media outside City Hall on March 30<br>Courtesy of Michael AppletonMayoral Photography Office

Certain websites detail car theft techniques involving a screwdriver and a USB charger. After starting the car, teens joyride, sometimes stealing multiple vehicles and driving recklessly. One video showed a person driving a stolen Hyundai on a sidewalk toward a group of students at a school. In another video, a group of Kia boys sit outside the car windows as their car swerves past a red light.

Cars without engine immobilizers or cars that required a mechanical key were prime for the taking by these “Tik-Tokkers.” Eventually, so many cars were taken that just this February Hyundai introduced free-anti theft software upgrades.

With the amount of reported stolen Kias and Hyundais going up almost six times, what can people do?

According to the flyers handed out by the Crime Prevention Unit, there are ways to combat this challenge and general auto theft crimes.

Among these tips are to always turn off the ignition and remove your keys, close all windows, lock all doors, park in well-lit areas with high traffic, use a vehicle steering lock, and install a kill switch. The flyer also advertised the NYPD’s Crime Prevention Division’s anti-theft programs.