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Kid Trolls Facebook Marketplace With Extreme Lowball Offers, Records it All

In this day and age, just about anything can be bought and sold on the internet. Whether someone is looking to unload a house or something a bit more obscure, it can probably be sold. Some of the strangest things can be found on sites like Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace. Most of the sellers are looking to stumble upon a quick buck and are willing to put anything online to get there. While these platforms can be incredibly useful, they also provide their fair share of shortfalls. This is where sellers and buyers alike can end up getting incredibly frustrated.

Because these platforms don’t initially call for a face to face interaction, it can be a lot easier for someone to lowball. Essentially, this is when a buyer offers a price that’s downright insulting to the seller. Don’t get us wrong, we love a little bit of wheeling and dealing. In fact, making a good deal can be one of the most exciting parts of using one of these platforms. However, there’s definitely a line to be drawn somewhere in the sand. If a buyer offers a seller, say, half of the original asking price, it could be a good way to get ignored. On the other hand, though, people have made entire businesses based on being able to profit off of items purchases on the web.

In this one, we follow along with YouTuber, Ryan Trahan, as he dives into the world of lowballing. Ryan tells us that, once upon a time, when he was struggling for money, he actually made a decent income flipping items on the internet. This time, though, he’s all about the art of the lowball. While browsing through cars and other various items, he’s bound and determined to gauge reactions to incredibly low offers. This one should get pretty interesting!