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This Kid Is a Future Tug Of War Hero! Start Em Young!

With so many areas of the motorsports world completely inaccessible to today’s youth either due to their age or the cost of entry, it’s awesome to see the off-road world getting the young men and women who love the sport involved at such a young age. We’ve seen all kinds of activities at off-road events geared toward getting the kids involved, and now this video from TripleXMotorsports shows this little guy getting a taste of the more adult side of things in his Polaris RZR side by side.

This little fella’s name is Drenin Carter, and he loves some tug o’ war, even if his opponent is his mom and dad’s massive Dodge mud truck known as Sweet Revenge. The official backs Drenin’s RZR up to the truck and hooks up the chain, then motions him forward to take up the slack. Once the chain is taut, the signal to go is given and young Drenin immediately gets to work, hammering on his mud-covered ride and trying to drag dad’s massive pickup off the pad.

Dad puts up a heck of a fight in the monster diesel mud truck, snorting puffs of black smoke into the sky as he works to overpower the tiny-but-mighty RZR.

However, today just isn’t dad’s day, as Drenin finally gets the leverage going his way and begins to march toward victory. Sure enough, just a few moments later, the RZR drops off the edge of the tug o’ war pad, making Drenin the official winner. The crowd cheers him on and our guy from Triple X Motorsports also stepped up to give him a fist bump to celebrate his win.

Drenin seems like a cool kid and we are stoked to see him and others like him getting into any type of motorsports, as that helps ensure the future of the industry we all know and love!