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Kids Put For Sale Signs on Cars in the Hood… The Reactions Are Classic

When it comes to YouTube pranks, the prankster need to come up with just the right mix of catching people offguard and a topic of discussion that might get them riled up just a little bit. Putting a for sale sign on someone’s ride most definitely could accomplish that mission.

This time, we catch up with someone who’s looking to get into YouTube pranking and decides to head to “the hood” and try to do just that as he starts throwing a for sale sign on unsuspecting peoples’ cars to see exactly what their general reaction is when they see it as he is trying to call the number on the sign.

It looks like everyone pretty much across the board got a little bit upset at the stunt but at the end of the day, it was all just a good clean joke. When we check out their reactions after finding out that it was a hidden camera prank, most people look to be pretty excited about it.

Check out the video below that shows the for sale sign prank and tell us what you think of such shenanigans. What would you do if you walked out of the store to find a for sale sign on your car with this kid calling the number and trying to get more information about your ride?


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