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Kobe Bryant Tribute Lambo Goes up For Sale at $170,000

When the world loses somebody like Kobe Bryant, it can be hard to adjust to. Sure, important people are lost every day. Every single life is equally as important as the last. However, there are very few people on this earth that the majority would consider to be a legend.

These legendary folks have grown to be larger-than-life. They hold themselves in such a way to the point where it might seem like they’re almost immortal. In a way, we know that everybody is going to die one day. It can be a little bit tougher to process, though, when it happens to someone who seemed bulletproof.

With such a massive following around the world, a great number of people would take a moment to reflect on the life of Kobe. When it comes to mourning, each person is going to do it in their very own way.

For this particular Kobe fan, he went above and beyond to create a tribute to the legend. Joe Carbonara told TMZ Sports “He was so devastated after Kobe and his daughter, Gianna, died in a helicopter crash … he wanted to honor them with his 2015 Lamborghini Huracan.”

Below, we see the results of what something like that looks like. Clad with graphics, the purple and gold Lamborghini does its best to give praise to Kobe and Gianna. Apparently, the owner of the shop, X-Treme Graphics, that did the graphics, loved the idea so much that they didn’t charge for it.

Carbonara has since decided that he wants to move on from Lamborghini. The Huracan is listed for sale at $170,000. Let’s just say that the listing is going to appeal to a rather niche market. However, the asking price seems to fall in line with other Huracans on the market.

The owner also claims that the car has been in high demand for appearances. We’re told that it might even appear in a music video among other special events.