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Koenigsegg Design Expert Creates Lamborghini Powered Batmobile

There are a lot of people out there who create replicas of the Batmobile. As one of the most popular cars in all of pop culture, it’s certainly not one that fans and enthusiasts are going to easily forget about. Instead, all sorts of different replicas pop up with their very own different styles and platforms that they’re built off of. While some of them seem to be exact replicas and others don’t really pay too much attention to detail, there are some that make it their purpose to stand out from the pack. We think that this particular creation is one of those very flamboyant examples of a machine that makes its presence felt.

How much better of a Batmobile creator could there be than the man behind Koenigsegg’s development department himself? This time, just that man by the name of Leif Tufvesson steps up and takes his very own swing at a custom rendition of the pop culture icon. For starters, the vehicle is based on a Lamborghini Gallardo. Unlike some versions of the Batmobile that are simply used for show, this one definitely doesn’t lack in performance. From there, lots of creative liberties were taken in order to use the drivetrain components and chassis that the Lamborghini was sitting on to make this thing come to life.

By following along with the video below, we get an up close and personal tour with this concoction of combustible elements that’s enough to excite any adrenaline junkie. Anyone who would consider themselves an aficionado of either Batman or supercars would absolutely fall love with this thing. Being able to see and, better yet, hear this thing in action is a real treat to be experienced. I don’t think that even Batman himself had a Batmobile that could roll out like this!