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Koenigsegg Hyper Car Goes Full Mustang And Crashes Into Big Crowd Of People

When it comes to viral videos that you have seen floating around the internet, More specifically, the ones that revolve around the car wreck genre, you can find yourself a couple of themes that seem to be common amongst these videos. First and foremost, it seems like the low hanging fruit at this point is that Ford Mustang drivers seem to be the ones who crash the most often (sorry, Mustang guys). However, another thing that we seem to have picked up on is that no matter how expensive the car, there’s no guarantee that the person behind the wheel of said car will be able to drive it effectively.

This demonstration takes us for a unique look at a Koenigsegg whose driver looks to be ready to rumble. However, upon coming around the corner and punching the throttle just a little bit too hard, in hindsight, it appears as if maybe he should’ve turned down the excitement a little bit in order to save not only his machine but the people that he ended up plowing over. Now, it wouldn’t appear as if there were any life-threatening injuries that came about as a result of this driving mishap, however, you’d assume that there were tons of pieces left behind to be picked up after the fact whether they be damages, medical bills, or other things that are headache inducing.

After watching a video like this, you really have to wonder how somebody can get that out of control with a car that is near so many people. This is a situation that we see duplicated over and over again so pay close attention because I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to be the next one to end up in a situation like this because you slipped beyond your driving ability and didn’t take the proper amount of time to get used to the car that you happen to be behind the wheel of.

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