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Kye Kelley In “Aftershock” Beats Birdman

We learned long ago that one of the keys to a video going viral was that it had to be relatively short. If millions of people are to sit through a video, it’s going to have to keep their attention, and for that to be the case, the shorter it is the better. Tying that into this article, we have a whopping twelve seconds of footage for you, and it’s actually pretty good footage to boot.

If you ask anybody who follows the world no prep, there’s a name that’s become almost mythical in that wherever he shows up, unless something goes wrong with his car, he’s nearly unbeatable. They’ve changed the rules to try to slow him down, but it’s done little to slow him down. I’m talking, of course, about Birdman and his sinister turbocharged Trans Am.

Previously the car had massive twin turbos, but the rules change adopted in the off season would have found him carrying quite a bit more weight to run twins, so Birdman decided to make the swap to a massive single turbo, and he’s hardly missed a beat.

However, it would seem Street Outlaws’ favorite spoiler didn’t get that memo. Over the past few races, Kye Kelley and his new Camaro known as Aftershock have been showing up and punching the competition right in the mouth, with Kye and crew fine-tuning the car’s massive nitrous-huffing powerplant to get the most out of the Musi Race Engines built mill.

These two titans lined up side by side at the most recent No Prep Kings event at Route 66 Dragway in Joliet, I’ll to do battle and needless to say, Kye continued to swing for the fences, finding himself out in front early and when Birdman eased out of the groove toward the center line, and chance of his patented top end charge evaporated.

I’ll be honest, though. It appeared that Kelley was too far out front for that to have been a possibility anyway, having leapt out to a full car length plus lead by half track. It would have taken a monumental effort on the part of Birdman’s engine to reel Kye in, so it doesn’t really matter that he got out of shape. Kelley has definitely put the rest of the No Prep Kings cast on notice with this hit, proving he is once again a force to be reckoned with.


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